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    Bankroll withdrawal/deposit complex.

    I usually play that 5% rule but my net amount of money I can use for sports betting and poker has decreased from $500.00 to about $280.00 (CAD) a month.

    Notwithstanding, I haven't really taken money that seriously and frivolously bet on sports I have no idea about just for an entertainment factor. I strictly used poker to pay for my beer---that day; if I won that day I'd cashout and buy some beer.

    I had a good bankoll on PartyPoker but I noticed some viruses on my comp. so I withdrew my $400.00 from there. I'm thinking of starting another roll on PokerStars since it's much easier to avoid the cheetahs (cheaters).

    My question is this: is composing $100.00 CAD to PS each month so I can hopefully play 1/2 dollar blinds without busting a viable way to move up the ladder or should I just grind my way up from 5/10 cent blinds?

    I'm not comfortable playing $100.00 HU matches so I think a good bankroll management complex is in order. I am confortable with playing 15-30 dollar buy-ins but my bankroll doesn't constitute such play.

    Should I CLIMB or USE my money from UFC betting?

    Edit: I just don't see a way for me to keep my bankroll and never expect to lose it without transfering the money to sports betting or savings accounts intermittently. How can any1 EXPECT to keep a bankroll rollin' without losing it at some point. I think the only way to do this effectively is a timing factor: look for ring games when I need patience to get my roll on an increase: buy-in to timed tourneys when I want to gamble the money to win big. I don't see using one or the other alone as an effective way to increase the roll. Teddy Roosevelt said it best: "The best thing you can do is the right thing, the second best is the wrong thing; the worst thing you can do, is nothing at all."


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