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Thread: Bankroll # 2

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    Bankroll # 2

    So, for those of you that have not read bankroll 1,
    it began from a 25 po freeroll i won
    -5.50 1,000 guaranteed tourny
    lost it
    2.00 left
    tourned into 20 dollars in about 2 hours, (awful bankroll management.)
    the guy im heads up against flops 7 full, i flop 3 full, and thats the end of that.

    Bankroll #2
    i won another 25 po freeroll tourny
    i spent 4.00 at the lowest table(.2/.4)
    had aces preflop
    a guy raises to .12
    i raise to .4
    he raises to 1.00
    i go all in at 3.4
    he shows kk
    i show aa
    he flops k full
    and that was the end of that
    i rebuy at 3.50,
    i face against a guy an idiot with aq
    i have a5
    I havent really played at the table yet so it is pretty much impossible to get a read off me
    he raises to .12
    i call
    3 8 9
    i bet .12
    he calls
    turn card:
    i bet .44
    he calls
    (i had an idea that he had nothing)
    river: t
    so the cards are 3 8 9 8 t
    i go all in at 1.8
    he freakin calls
    im how can you freakin call that with [email protected]>!?#>!4,2ljEo!M:ELMRGOIJGEFMK !Mkl1mekl1mem1mr1r1111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What an idiot i litterally never played the table and had never bluffed yet, and didnt show any bluffs if i had,
    the only info everyone had was me going all in pre flop with aa

    well that was the end of that.

    Stay tuned for bankroll #3

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    What exactly are you trying to represent you have. If he calls your 1/2 pot bet on flop he obv thinks hes good. Turn changes nothing so your full pot bet is basically nothing as you dont go from 1/2 pot to full pot after hitting trip 8's so it looks like your trying to just bet him off of the pot. Your river overshove is basically a please fold bet. Sure he has reasons to fold but your bet sizing doesnt really represent anything and screams bluff.

    Added to the fact that why would you get into the board when he keeps calling. If he calls the flop, no card comes on the turn or river that really changes anythin unless there was a gutshot or open-ender that hit the river for a straight or top pair. Saying goes "you cant bluff a donk" so when your playin micro stakes if you got nothing and your getting called all the way a river shove usually wont make any difference.

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    you will find alot of people call with nothing, better to wait until you have a strong hand to get it in.

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    as far as i know it doesnt really matter with donks what you are trying to represent, all that matters is that you bet, and hopefully with nothing at all they will fold.
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    wow well good luck with it all... i hope you build a big bankroll!!!!!!!!

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    Awwww scottie i hope you a win a million dollars

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    B11 when playing the lower levels you have to play more str8 forward.. You cant bluff a DONK plain and simple. If all you showed was the AA hand and he kept calling then he was a total FKIN donkey. Theres no way possible for him to think his hand is good, thats a given. So unless you know your player and know they know how to play you just cant try representing a hand you dont have, cause a DONK will NEVER fold AQ. hell even at the higher levels you still have PLENTY of donks with money
    Failing to Prepare is Preparing to fail : John Wooden

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    Keep us informed on your Great adventure,,,,,

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