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    ANY sugestions for brick and mortar play?

    I am going to the casino Saturday. I am feeling a little leary about playing cards there. Have played cards online for over ten years now but this will be my first time at the casino. They offer 60 and 100 sngs and limits from 1-2 up to 25-50 cash tables. and one multi table for 250 any sugestions or tips for casino play will be greatly appreciated

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    Start with small buy in tourneys-If the casino has poker lessons sit in on one only for the reason to seek out fishes wanting to play cash games for the first time.
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    Also ask about how much the rake is at the casino you go to, some are higher than others. This is one reason why I haven't driven the hour to the River Boat in south Carolina.

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    Be more patient, play premium cards, get drunk, smoke a bong in the parking lot, be careful of the seven 18year old kids with sunglasses and hoodies at the table, and most of all dont go to the blackjack table when your waiting for your seat.

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    Well good luck at the felt my friend.

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    the best advice to give you is good bankroll management and knowing when to get up at the cash tables

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    god luck to youlive is the best

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