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    Adressing Early Tournament Strategy, Different Opinions and Tactics.

    Hello my fellow PokerOwned players. So if you're in this thread, odds are you've played a poker tournament before! The odds are also that you have been knocked out of many a tournament in the Early Stages. I am here to bring you some ideas and suggestions to lower your percentage of Early Stage knockouts.

    First:) Look at your tournament structure thoroughly, How many BB' do you start with? How fast are the Blinds increasing? When do Antes Start? How many Players are there?
    --- I know it sounds novice and obvious, but from my experience this is a good way to get your mind focused and cool down your anxieties.

    Second:) Let's make a general definition of how long the Early stages start. Many of people will generalize this by saying this is from the start to when the antes kicked in. Others take it by levels, perhaps 10-12 levels are considered " Early " For me, it's when the blinds are anywhere from 10-20 to 75-150. Others yet describe it as from 30-50 BB's and before antes.

    Third:)( Basic Guidelines ) Early in a tournament, you cannot make solid reads on players yet, and as such, position is key. Play position with basic strategy. Few Hands in Early, A-A,K-K,Q-Q, A-K s & uns. and A-Q s. Avoid J's and under if possible, A-Q OFF IS NOT A MONSTER IN EARLY POSITION FOLKS! Early in a tournament you have plenty of BB's available to wait for better cards in better position.

    Only open up slightly in Middle Position. J's-9's, K-Qs and A-Q uns. can be added.

    Still play cautiously in late position early in a tournament, Blind stealing does nothing for you yet!

    Fourthly:)ADVANCED STRATEGY---- Early in a tournament, you can take advantage of suited connectors, small pairs, and other speculative hands. Limping in before the flop, small raising, looking to see a flop. DO NOT waste a large % of your
    Stack on these hands before the flop, or bluffing after.

    That being said, if you do hit these speculative hands, AGGRESSION IS KEY! Build up your stack while you still can. Many weaker players are still in the tournament, and you need to gain a decent stack if you want to go deep.

    Fifth:) Poker is gambling. It always will be. If you have a small edge say 55%-70%, it is time to gamble. Tournaments are not cash games. Very few spots are payed well. Early in a tournament will often decide if you will go deep or not, after all, when else will you get the chance to play a speculative hand? Example:) 4-5 Clubs are your hole cards. Flop: 3c,6c, Ah. Your opponent most likely does have an ace, and you know it. However, you need to gamble with this board.

    Sixth:) Bankroll Management is key for tournament players. After reading this thread, you're thinking " Everyone has told me to play tight early in a tournament!!!" , this is good basic strategy, yes, but it's time you wake up and see That early in a tournament you want to see cheap flops with Suited connectors, Small and Medium Pairs. Remember, these hands are played differently than Monsters, you want to let these hands go easily if you do not hit. POKER IS GAMBLING!

    Seventh:) Don't get frustrated! It only takes one tournament to go deep and make a massive win, with these concepts of trying to build your stack early in a tournament you will breakthrough someday.

    Final Notes:) Thanks for Reading My thread, feel free to reply with your opinion of my strategies and with strategies of your own.

    Your Friend,

    DerGottimHimmel ( The God in The Heavens )

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    early stages are up till antis begin to me.
    I think theres one of two ways to play the beginning loose aggressive ie when you feel you are the best payer at the table its wise to play more hands with the donkeys before all the easiest chips get knocked out. or tight aggressive, since the blinds are so small you are granted time to build a tight image of the top as a liscense to bluff later, while waiting for a premuim hand. both sides of the coin have their ups and downs. playing loose off the top risks your precious chips earlier, playing tight and waiting for a hand could lead to you spiking a hand and not getting any value for it.
    me personally if i play a tourney between 5 dollars in buy in to 75 dollars buy in, i will play loose aggressive because i want to mix in with all the easy chips. but if im playing a high stakes event ill just play tight.

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    the idea of "adapt like a chameleon" as negreanu puts it doesnt apply here, you cant adapt to a new dont understand the dynamic, you also dont understand who plays what and going a step farther you dont know who is capable of mixing their game up to throw you off. basic ABC strategy at the beginning, save the big moves for later.

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