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    6 Max vs Full Ring

    Hey Guys I recently made the switch from Carbon over to ACR (Getting a little exhausted of Carbon) and was wondering how my starting hands should change as I switch from full ring to 6-max since ACR doesnt have many full ring .10nl games.
    I noticed that I got extremely loose at 6-max, is this a mistake. Should I still stick to my tight starting hand range?

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    yes i would think play strong hands only on acr

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    Id say you can open up a little , if you wait on good hands blinds will be coming around sooner
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    You need to open up more from the BU and CO positions. Also don't be afraid to defend you blinds. With less seats the blinds come around more often and there are overall less players, so odds are that most of the time players will not have a hand to stand up to you. Play aggressive and really know your opponents. A loose table allows you to set mine and limp with suited connectors more often. If the table is tight you can't do this as much because the implied odds aren't there.

    You also need to focus more on post flop play with players generally playing looser than full ring.

    Personally I love 6max because there is more action, but this can mean you see more swings. Since I play for fun this suites my preference more, but it sounds like you don't have a choice from your OP.
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    Not the swings, but the blinds are the reason what generates more action for the players, as there is less players around. Then In a full ring table (Not trying to be a smartass)
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    I found this a while back and think is a very good range for 6max:
    UTG: 99+, AJo+, ATs+, KQs, *77-88, Ato
    MP: 99+, ATo+, ATs+, KQs+, *77-88, QJs-KJs
    CO: 66+, ATo+, A8s+, suited broadway, KQo, *KTo-KJo, QJo
    Btn: CO range, + all PP, all sc's 67+, all one gappers 68+ *any two if blinds f2steal>80%
    SB: 66+, ATo+, A9s+, QJs/o+, *any two if BB f2steal>70%
    BB: purely dependent on who raised. UTG range basically vs anyone other than Btn, SB. Btn range vs
    anyone else.
    *play if table is passive. i tend to go by whether the people left to act have a 3b stat of less than
    obv this is super broad and changes on table dynamic but its a solid guidline to follow when 12-24
    never call 3bs unless ESS makes sense to do so. no set mining. basically never playing out of blinds
    unless im 3bing. big emphasis on looking for mass multitabling nits who i can 3b light, and 3bing as
    light as KJs vs the typical fishtard population for value.
    as for 3bing;
    - AA: 4b v nit, flat 3b vs lagtard
    - KK: same as AA
    - QQ: flat 3b, adjust based on texture post
    - JJ: same as QQ
    - TT: 4b shove vs guys with a bigger 3b range than 8.5%, 4b/fold vs guys with lower than 8.5%
    - AK: 4b/6b vs guys with a bigger 3b range than 3%, 4b/fold vs guys with lower than 3%
    - AA: 3b/5b shove
    - KK: same as AA
    - QQ: 3b/flat 4b, shove non AK flop
    - JJ: 3b/fold
    - TT: 3b/fold
    -AK: 3b/fold
    imo, most of your mistakes and losses will come from postflop play, but at least this will help you
    have a better time post flop, by setting yourself up better preflop. with experience and time, as you
    develop into a really competent poker player, you will find that it honestly barely matters how you
    play preflop (within reason ofcourse) at these lev

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    Quote Originally Posted by diego View Post
    - AA: 4b v nit, flat 3b vs lagtard- KK: same as AA- QQ: flat 3b, adjust based on texture post- JJ: same as QQ- TT: 4b shove vs guys with a bigger 3b range than 8.5%, 4b/fold vs guys with lower than 8.5%- AK: 4b/6b vs guys with a b
    Did you just copy and paste some of the thread to make a post here. Or were you going to make a comment on that range? Just curious that is all. And BTW I hope this helps with your range on 6 max dtfbobsaget. And look forward to seeing you at the tables. What username do you go by on ACR?

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