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    4 tourneys, 3 bad beats, 1 1st place!

    I decided to play four 25 cent, 45 man sng's 2nite at the same time. I had been having a bad nite, losing all 4 entries on the daily dollar, one after another, cuz i tilted after losing 1st one by a bad beat. I usually place in the money in the DD, but lost all 4 cuz of tilt. I took a few minutes to calm down, then entered the 4 sng's. 1st, my q-q is knocked out by 8-8. The next 2, I was ahead pre and post flop, only to get knocked out on turn after the money went into the pot. Could've easily gone on tilt again, but I had already prepared myself for sumthing like that to happen again when I took the break. I grinded the last one out and won 1st place. Gotta watch out for tilt, it'll sneak up on ya.

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    yeah tilting will get you you into a heap of trouble, making bad decissions and even worse results. at the beginning i was badly tempered by a bad beat, now im alot calmer its just part of the game and i do it to my oppenents as much as they do to me. i still get a little rattled when and extreme bad variance comes along when they only have 1% post flop and hit the two cards they need to win... but keep calm take a quick break, hot chocolate, something to eat, a quick walk round the room or scream/shout if you must... just get it out of ya lol. but good on ya for the 1st place, more results like that and i'll be afraid to bump into you on the table.

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    congratulations, those tournaments are not easy and you have to stay tight to suceed in them...
    however, be careful, tilting can cause serious damage in your chip count
    good luck in the tables pal!

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