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    Watch out with MyBet Poker!

    I don't play at MyBet anymore (a Ipoker room), because they take your money when you do a simple transfer between the main account to your poker account. The thing is that you NEED to make the deposit in your main account first and then transfer to the poker account, so, you don't have a choice. I searched on the site everywhere and didn't find anything about this. I transfer $40 of my main account and only $39.48 was in my poker account and when I transferred back to main account, I lost more $0.50 cents. This is ridiculous for me, it's only cents, but I only deposited $30, so, it make difference in the end. Watch out about this if you are going to play there!!!

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    thanks for the heads up!!! Fuck all these overseas poker sites!! Make their own rules,and regulations are nearly non existant, Bottom line is ,when it comes down to it they are all greedy thieves. Merge is no exception,and I will cry tears of joy once the DOJ hammer comes down on them!! SOOOOON!!!!! Watch your bankrolls ,and dont let them get too high ,cause you may never recover them.

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    Wow, thats really a bad joke. Thanks for the tip.

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    yeah i think that this site sucks and stinks like a shit:/disgusting rules

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    ywah that sucks, sry dude, i want deal with them..tx for the info

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