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    United States poker room Deposits - whats accepted , whats not, and Secrets By KCLA

    This is going to tell you all about Depositing using your Plastic thingamajig. Including The Best and really only Poker sites a USA resident can deposit. Besides New Joisy of Course.

    First off, if ur thinking about making a deposit to a poker room and ur just not sure yet. Make sure u know what ur doing before ya go ahead and burn up the cashier page. Your Bank card, (debit) your main visa u use, or mastercard DONT TOUCH THOSE!!! Leave them be . U dont want to get involved in depositing with ur main bank card, CAUSE U WONT NEED IT. If u are in a bind and dont have 15 mins to go buy a prepaid card I also have 2 METHODS I use to get a Visa Card thats yours with CVV and exp date within 5 minutes. explained later. YOU THINK netspend is the qucikest and easiest deposit??? Think again.

    #1 Sign up. U'll get a Virtual Visa Card almost instantly and u can re-load it with a credit card. over and over. and u can change ur card #'s and the deposits always go through for any site u want to play at and u dont even need cash or leave ur house.

    #2 Visa Gift Cards, eGift Cards, Discount & Corporate Sign up buy an E-Visa gift card online using a Visa or mastercard and within 20-30 mins ur e-mailed a brand new visa card u can use to deposit. All the sites accept it

    #3 Card to use depositing poker : NETSPEND VISA Bovada, Carbon, Betonline, ACR, BCP,

    ***Buy these at grocery stores , Gas stations, drug stores- Re-loading : Netspend reload Pack (30 min delay)
    ReLoad-IT pack (Instant) Flashpay Netspend Card to Card : Instant

    #4 : Achieve Card Visa Bovada, Carbon, Betonline, ACR, BCP
    Apply Online at Green Dot money Paks

    AS FOR MASTERCARD!!! Amazingly u can deposit Mastercard on 2 sites i know of. Its kinda tricky cause even in the cashier Mastercard isnt even an option. But if u just put in the card number and hit submit on the review deposits page itll come up as mastercard. CARBON AND BETONLINE.AG as for and Entro-pay those are the best Deposit methods u can use and should never need much else. Netspend and Achieve and so fourth just charge ya between $2-5 on every reload and also come with hidden fees and even can go negative $$$ with them over -$20
    if u really get screwed.
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    this is great...has entropay giftcards or anything similar that could be used by PO as a redeem option? if so it would be amazing having redeems for entropay....zab already considered Skrill and Neteller redeems that would be even better for all non-usa PO members but apparently it died i dont exactly know why, so if Skrill and/or Neteller are not possible we know that at least here's another chance of redeem option...thanks for info...nice thread......

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    wow that's great info they should make this a sticky here so we always have this

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    I second haystack's suggestion, most excellent assembly of useful information for all to know about.
    Great job KCLA.


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    So check this out kcla55 post a forum saying use entropay to fund accounts. Its a sure thing bla bla bla. So i go check it out and get a digital card to fund my ACR hoping to get the bonuses, well it does not even work and kcla55 tried to buy it off me for 15$(its 23.50). I say f*** it don't want to be stuck with this card, ill do it. Then he says no and wants me to put more money on the card for him to make a deal. f***ING digital card I cant use on any sites.Now wont take it at all when I offer 14 for the 23.50 and he says to put 30 on it and its a deal.HE IS A f***ING PIECE OF SHIT. I would NOT FOLLOW any advice is this post and it should probably be deleted so other people dont get screwed over with "guarantees" like I have been today.

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    Can we finally ban this clown? What does he actually do for this place other than try to scam people and beg for shit all the time?

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    The best way is money gram..
    its fast

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    There are lots of good ways to deposit, but kcla55 should not be giving advice on things he has no clue what he is talking about. Its sad people like him are allowed to stay on this site at all

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