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    Rebel Poker Promotions: Free stuff

    I doubt many will care but decided to see what rebel poker was up to these days and stopped by their site. Very, Very low numbers playing and not even one sit and go. They have changed their format from a cash poker site to a site where you pay a small monthly fee and try to earn points and what not to win prizes and cash. Heres the promo: Like them on Facebook and get 30 rank points. But, if you share it with facebook you get a three month gold membership for free. Well figured a couple of yall might go there for some practice or something. BTW anyone cashed out yet and how was it?

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    yeah i might check tht out never heard of rebel poker.
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    I did not like Rebel before with their format. Maybe will take a look at it sometime in the near future. Thanks for the info.

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    Honestly had never heard of them, but if they're giving away 3 month trials I might as well check them out and see what I can accrue in that short amount of time.

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    Thanks for the heads-up - I played there a few years ago, as I recall. After my computer crashed, I never reinstalled the client.
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    Yeah i have never heard of it either so i might have to take a look, thnx for letting us know
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    Can U actually make any money on the site, or is it just for prizes and garbage??

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