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    Thumbs up Poker Stars Micro Mania Promo. Good Value!

    Played one of these Poker Stars Micro Mania 36 Man SnG's. Finished 5th for $1.35. I think these are a good value. If you win one... you get a share of the $20,000 prize pool for this promotion at PS.. which will likely turn out to be around $10. Sooo.. it's like their is $10 added to each one. You can, however, only win one share for the estimated $10, but a good value I would think for micro players. They also have 4 each night of $1.10 tourneys with $100 added! 2 NLHE, 1 NLHE 6 Max., and 1 PLO one. The 2 NLHE ones had 321 and 362 last time and the 6 Max NLHE one had 261, and the PLO one had only 162 players. With $100 added, these seem to be a very good value. They also have a deal where you can deposit a min. of $10 and get a free $1.10 ticket to one of these... so more added value there. They also have some good incentives for micro cash players as well. Here is a link to see more details! Good Luck! Low Stakes Poker Games - Small Stakes Poker - Low Limit MicroMania

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    Thanks for posting this! I will definitely be checking these out!

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