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    Exclamation Intertops GC Game Screws Players.. Support Blows Off Customers!

    I was in the Gold Card game on the Cake Network that was played last night the 29th of August, 2011. It was the 2c Series '11 game. The game had over 500 players in it. When it was time for the add on period, their software started acting up a lot. I could click on the "Add on" button but I wasn't allowed to do my add on of 5k in chips! The button would go off when I clicked it .. then would return later. I tried it several times. A few times the window that gives you the opportunity to click for the add on would be there but it was all white inside and you couldn't do anything with it. The add on period went by and I was not allowed to do my add on of 5k chips.. for which I had a 2c GC Series '11 to do it with. I'm not the only one that had this problem. THere were several others that complained.. some at the forum I was at and some at the chat in the poker rooms. Also, I heard many complaints about not being able to do a rebuy..many complained about that too.

    I sent an email to Intertops support and they kept telling me I had to give them the Tournament ID in order for them to know what game it was.. .. even though I told them it was the 2c Series '11 Gold Card game on August 29, 2011 that started at 5PM Central US time! They sent me 3 emails saying this. It's not Rocket Science... how many 2c Series '11 Gold Card games do they have started at 5PM Central US time? LOL! They tried to blow me off with that nonsense.. I didn't stop there. I kept after them and finally got this message from them!
    Dear Willis,

    We have checked the tournament in question and the add-on feature appeared to be working correctly. What you described below was either caused by a disconnection or graphics issue on your end.

    Thank you for your kind understanding.



    That is the biggest crock I ever heard! I have a great internet connection, which, according even to THEIR software, had a 100% connection the whole game! My internet connection was never slow or down, and I have cable .. very fast. My PC is a HP with an AMD Quad Core proccessor.. extremely fast and reliable.. with 8 GB Ram! They can't tell me it was at MY end! They had too many players in the game.. and THEIR software and servers couldn't handle the extra load! There was over 1000 rebuys done... and there was only 91 add ons. THere were about 200 left in the game when it got to the add on period.. and I know many were not allowed to add on because of their inferior product! This was UNFAIR to many players. I wasn't allowed to add on the 5k chips.. I doubled up shortly after the add on period and was unfairly shorted the 5k in chips that would have allowed me a much bigger stack at that point for sure. I ended up with a small cash that should have been much better. I know there were many who had problems at that game.

    THere were many others playing on the cake network at the same time that GC game was being played. They had many problems at the same time this was all going down. Too many players were trying to rebuy and add on at the same time.. and their product is so inferior, it could not handle the extra traffic... plain and simple! I encourage you all that experienced problems on the cake network at that same time to email their support.. for which ever site you were on at the time, and let them know that we .. as players . .will NOT stand to be blown off and cheated in this manner. Cake Network... do the right thing! Admit that it was at YOUR end and the problem could happen again. Many players have off and on complained about Cake Network software. It is about time the Cake Network treated their customers right and did something about it! I also encourage your comments and encourage you all to send links to Cake Network rooms to this post and it's replies. If we continue to not let our dissatisfaction with the Cake Networks software and servers known to them and keep on them about it.. we.. as players will continue to be CAKED!

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    That's too bad. Perhaps they are checking the wrong tournament? Is there anyway you can provide them with the right number, maybe from a HH? That way it will correspond with the other complaints they are getting.

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    wow dats
    u are everywhere lol
    guess who

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