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Thread: hey all!!

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    Jul 2015

    hey all!!

    Hey guys i was wournding what was the best site to play poker on in the usa.. I tried carbon poker but it says im in a invalid country to play there lol and im in the usa so please help me out..

    ty Kimmie

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    Jul 2011
    Hi Kim, nice to see new members, hope you enjoy it here. Obviously, best place to play is right here in client, . I am from delaware and carbon does not allow players from my state either, but delaware has legal online poker so i am able to play on that site. I think the best site to play for usa players is probably bovada. A lot of people here play at acr and bcp, which have player transfers still so you can trade it here usually. Good luck and hope to see you playing in the client fr's here.

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    Aug 2015
    hi kimmie you like it here too far?

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