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    Freerolls for July 4th?

    Anyone know of any special freerolls for today? I haven't found any, except gonna play this 10k freeroll at pokeroomusa. It's one of those subscription based sites, but the tourney isn't posted yet and not sure if they are gonna pay, lol.

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    heard of nothing special, seems there are no relevant freerolls

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    So much for Carbon being the greatest thing since sliced bread. Need a little more more marketing from these guys for Independence Day. If you are looking for a freeroll, head to (Doyle's, DSI, TruePoker, Bookmaker) they are running a marathon. 1 freeroll every hour for 24 hours, today. I have moneyed in 3 games so far for $1, $3, and $1.

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