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    Thumbs up Free Cash/MTT/SNG Tracking Software for better BRM

    Came across some nice, free BRM tracking software called PokerScore and it seems pretty solid.
    Google Chrome didn't like it (said not many downloads, but it came up clean in my antivirus/anti-malware scans)

    Program is called Poker Score, and it tracks both MTTs and cash play.
    You can specify your games like this.

    Once you complete a game you just enter it in the results viewer.

    Once you start tracking your games, It will generate some nice stats, including ROI graphs and more.

    you can download it here Poker Score


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    Thanks. Just downloaded it. Can use all the help I can get to BRM.

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    looks alright but who needs that what it do track your money spent or taken would not want to know how much i'm down at the moment

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    This is pretty solid - thanks for the heads up on it and usage info
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