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    Carbon Cashouts?

    How fast are carbon cashouts ,, If anyone knows it would be real helpful
    Thank You

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    about 6 weeks after you get verified
    <StephyMarieC> erik!!!!! yay you've always been one of my favorites hehe <scorcher863> i kinda want to smoke some meth, then play poker for like 3 days straight

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    Took me a month via Fed Ex. Couldn't get anyone to cash the check but my dad's bank.

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    i got a check on the post after about 3 weeks, i was surprised how fast it was!

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    .its slow, main lobby filters are confusing and games' lobby a

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    I received 3 separate checks from them over the past 10 weeks. They do charge a 3% fee after the 1 free check per calendar year, but I think that with the game selection that they have + with the checks coming fairly quickly that this is more than acceptable. I received my last full cashout from them about a week ago, and am already missing the site, and am probably going to deposit back some of my winnings. Carbon Poker/WPN/Bovada imo.

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    2-4 weeks for me
    I'm gonna give that bitch a freeroll, bitches love freerolls.

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