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    Cant get netspend to work anywhere, is it true GreenDot visa works for deposits?

    Like i was saying can't get my netspend visa to work on any of the sites. Is it true green dot works? Or does anyone know of any that work for sure? Especially FullFlush's deposits. Thanks. 't P.S. Netspend didn't even work at Bovada.
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    have 2 make sure you have transaction fee money over what your trying to deposit!!!! and minniumim at site!!! plus your account info has to be same of your card as on site. plus has to be the card they mail you after your temporary card you buy other then that they always work out of usa transactions , other that i know of is account now works out of usa . green dot does not out of usa tranactions netspend usually you want to have about $5 dollars over your deposit to do transactions to make sure.

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