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Thread: Bovada Poker

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    Bovada Poker

    i am very involved with bovada being the top site i know there is a few flaws as far as people not liking the anonymous or that there is no p2p transfer, but when its all said and done we are here to turn profits and believe it has the best overall mtts,cash,sngs to offer as well as i have had no problems recieving or depositing to my bank, i am currently looking to see if there are any po players currently that dont have a bovada account and would be willing to help me with a referral would much appreiciate it u can recieve a 100 percent sign up bonus as well as some other great promotions. If you can help and join up let me know. Where it says who refered u on sign up page include my name Scott AND Referral Code: P1120919, please let me know if u can help and maybe we can work something out with points. i recently won a seat to play into the 150k contender tommorow and with a little support i feel i can make things happen, again thank you and good luck to you on the felts. =OP One Good Run .

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    Umm, I think you're interfering with Zab getting the referrals from being an affiliate.
    I'm gonna give that bitch a freeroll, bitches love freerolls.

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    Yes, Bovada is the top site for US players. Their tournaments are getting better and better.

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    Yes,I like Bovada of all the U,S, sites but,I wish we had real regulation like in Great Britian.

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    Bovada is the best US site. Its not the best for freerolls but it is the best overall for sitngos and cashgames

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    never really a bovada fan wasn't much for tourneys

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    Big fan of Bovada, though I have yet to make any huge cash. I final tabled and won a few of the smaller tourneys and plan to keep playing satellites so I can hopefully grow my bankroll. I'm a newer player so more hands= more experience but Bovada is the only poker site I deposit on. My husband has always done well at their cash games but I focus more on Tournaments.

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    I like Bovada because they except my Visa card!

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    Bovada is a great site and despite the skin is my favorite to play on

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