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Thread: betfair poker

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    betfair poker

    I dont no if any of you play at betfair but last week the site had problems and you didnt get your poker winnings and funds were gone from the accounts , i waited a week to get my refund back which i finally got today after numerous email to them , anyone else encounter this problem?

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    i actually had a bankroll of 43 dolllars i made from freerolls and private tournys i was told because i didnt deposit it will be awhile if ever i can get it back i have since never gone back sad site neways hardly ever a game or tourny ready there's never enough players on the site 1 site i willl never make a deposit on for sure

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    Sorry to bump this up guys but is anyone still playing at Betfair Poker? I can't see any good reviews from them recently.
    Royal Flush.

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    never had any problems in betfair.i made deposit and cashaouts several times.small amounts like $30 till $50,00

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