You can currently can check out the client by playing.

However, here's the first rough design I have for adding spells \ spell cards (Based heavily on World of Warcraft).

Tell me what you think, ideas, changes.. Also, The one thing I am trying to figure out.. If there should be someplace for a "pending" spell you cast.

Spell Designations: (What's your thoughts on this? WHEN cards should be played and how)
1. Pre Flop – Must be preloaded or played within the time limit before the flop
2. Post Flop – 2 options to play: After Flop & Before Turn, Before River

Visual Creations:

1. We will need a spell “bar” like MMO games The way I have this spec’d out currently is PRE FLOP spells on the left, POST FLOP spells on the right. The designer can do whatever we need though. We can leave these blank (no spells) for now, maybe put a placeholder spell in there on a couple spots to see what it looks like.
2. I thought a nice break between the spell bars would be 2 “ORBS”. The Red would indication your Health (Total chips you have) and the blue one would be your Mana amount. Mana goes up by 1 after each round.
3. Will need something next to each spell bar so you can cycle through your spells quickly
4. These show spells that are currently affecting you. Whether that is a spell you casted, or someone casted on you
5. When you mouse over any spell, it will tell you what the spell does kind of like this
6. Will need a new admin area called “Spells” in there we will need to be able to:
a. Upload the spell image
b. Input the amount of mana it costs
c. Designate if it’s a PREFLOP or POSTFLOP spell
d. Explain what the card does (What the mouse over says)