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Thread: stake

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    Looking to be staked for games tonight
    From 55 Cent demands to whatever u might consider
    5.00 Games n above good to
    Good at deepstacks and turbos or just req mtt as long as theres a profit.
    Will run demands but like a grind so 2.20 min 4 those if possible.pefect starter would be 7.50 1/2 for mtt and 1/2 for grinding to try n protect the buy Ins .
    More of an investment than just a reqular stake .
    Will post results per game/profit so an 8.00 or 10.00 investment may have you gettin profit From twice the amount n buy ins.

    If interested Post reply and terms or any ideas u might have. 1 Stake to a player is a risk 2 is a fair shot to recover investment is solid .hard to loose then .

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    May 2011
    I will also take po point stakes that will be used to build up to a buy in from po games
    100 points then cash will use the complete win for buy in which u will also get profit
    Also can build n client n profit return n points
    100 points could lead to mutiple cash buy ins
    Skies the limit.
    All Individual Stakers name profit will be posted daily

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