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    Seeking PO Points Stake to Play client Tournies

    Evening All,

    Looking to see if anyone is willing to stake me 1500 PO points to play po tournies in the client.

    I can best make the 10pm and 12am games usually, so at 280pts for the two this gives me 10 games @ 1400pts and I know there is a % taken off the top when points are transfered via the market place thingy.....see how versed I am in how it all works lol.

    So seeking 1500pts on stake for 10 client tournies.

    Split: 50/50 after stakeback

    I ran a similar type stake a while back involving points however at the time it was a $ return with all the freerolls on acr that were to the rail thread is here:
    BluffMeAllIn's 1500pt Stake Rail for Str8suited

    If anyone is interested please reply, I don't get to earn many points due to some limitations and figure this would be a great way for me to play some games with the po gang again and potential for return to both myself and the backer.


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    request canned, managed to scrape together some points and binked the 10pm game tonight for a cool 2600+ pts . Cheers

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