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    Looking for a backer, PM if interested. Small stakes MTT. Backer Income Guaranteed

    I've been playing poker for years. Deposited a few thousand over the years. Either I could deposit a few thousand more over the next few years, or I can go pro and make it big. Either way a backer would win. Looking for a private backer.

    I have a very good source of income. General labour with tons of overtime. I have deposit limits on my pokerstars account. My plan is to make regular payments on makeup, with an absolute limit on makeup that is never larger than one week's paycheck WITHOUT overtime.

    I want to guarantee my backer makes money, even if I go bust. Makeup will be paid back with a fixed rate. PM me for more details, but it would work somewhat like makeup -> loan, so that if I end up 500$ in makeup at the end of week 5, then I pay back 200$ once a week for 3 weeks and the extra 100$ goes towards the cost of borrowing. The thought process here goes something like this,

    Week 1) 200$ makeup, 2 payments of 150$ over two weeks -> 100$ profit for backer

    week 3) 200$ makeup, 2 payments of 150$ over two weeks -> 200$ profit for backer

    week 5) 200$ makeup, 2 payments of 150$ over two weeks -> 300$ profit for backer

    I'd like to keep my payments under my makeup, while always keeping my makeup less than my personal losses/the backers personal profits.

    I do not plan to take out thousands. I have been on this website for a long time and have a passion for poker. All I am looking for is someone who wants to make money off a recreational player who was going to deposit either way on his next paycheck. If I go pro, then you win. If I go bust, then I am punished with being unable to play, while you get my normal deposit toward makeup. Either you can make some profit, or the nearby gas station can take their 6$ fee lol

    My goal is to build a nice bankroll. I will not cancel my backing just because I win one tournament. The idea is that once I get a big bankroll, I never need to go broke again. I'll always remember who bankrolled me in my transition from Rec to Pro

    good luck,

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