Haven't been playing much on Carbon lately, but I did just recently cash out another check that came within 8 days. I am going to likely be playing a decent schedule on there Sept 14th-30th. I will post more information about the series/stake in the next week or so. Going to be playing most of the $5.50s/$11s/and some of the better $33 nlhs + the $33 non-holdem events. Going to play the $60 stud8 and $60 horse mtts as well. I am aiming to play somewhere between $500-$1,000 in events throughout the series, and will be selling action @ a slight markup of around 1.10. ( Pretty standard in the industry )

As I stated earlier, I will post more information in the very near future... I am not 100% certain what I am going to be playing/selling. I am however looking to see how many people here may potentially be interested.

*** I know Carbon doesn't have P2P transfers... However, checks are coming in around 1 week from requesting them, so paying players back will be no issue. Feel free to post itt or PM me here. Probably going to set a min of 5% action, as any smaller percentages may become more of a hassle than they are worth. ( Sorry, not being a prick or anything ) Seems crazy that the summer has gone so quickly, and we are now approaching fall

More details to follow itt