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    Big10 $3.30 $500 gtd

    If anyone plans on staying up late and wants to play post your acr name here.

    50/50 + stakeback

    Post Finishing position in this thread if staked.

    Also as i might be asleep, be able to calculate my share and send promptly after you finish

    My acr is Kaj8190

    "my danish handball parlay isn't working out as good as i thought it would"anonymous

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    Hey Kaj, it's greengiant hey bro I am actually very interested in grinding the Big10 3.30 500$ gtd my ACR screen name is PuppyPunter...... Ohh wait I just realized that this was created like 6 days ago LOL, oops my bad.. Well sir if you would want to stake me in that if you want I guess PM me or holler at me in the mainchat, have a good day, good luck in the 1k if you are still in bro, I played for Astub also and I didn't run good at all, ohh well that sucks but that's poker
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