names john, aka TILTEMKID on ACR or pre BF I was NOTSCARED0 on absolute poker

Im basically starting this thread to see whats available out there, and if there is anything even available stake wise, because I do know they are few and far between.

Im currently looking for:

5-15 buyins @ .01/.02 NLH cash tables
5-15 buyins @ 0.55 for 25$ ondemand MTT

60/40 staker cut

or any other offerings we could possible talk of, as I know its based off honor, and obvisiously to many spewtards ruined the trust system over the years, so I willing to prove im a honest horse.

feel free to comment back or PM me to talk further is interested thank you

currently running a micro stake for a stakerr on ACR for 3.30 to run .55 25$ ondemands, and on an upswing.