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    175 pokerstars READ THIS

    Got $175 PokerStars (That I won from $5 PLO tourny)
    Will only accept BTC as payment.
    send ANY amount (up to $175 in bitcoins) to address 14Przp4bsRS7kBcYyAoRTTXNypjHpwBkY7
    WITH the memo: "PokerOwned user {1},PS user {2}".
    {1} - put your pokerowned username
    {2} - put your pokerstars username (the one that i'll transfer the funds to).
    You can skype me for vouches - yoniyoni119

    Thank You!
    Time 2 Roll the Dice.

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    yoni send 10 or i will post ur just scamming not that hard 10 im not gonna ruin my name for 10$

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    Just send the money 1st's not that hard. You won't find someone on the site that won't vouch for Lethal.

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