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    trouble registering for the cake freerolls

    ok so i can register for every single tourney on cake, freerolls, real money private games. everything except for the pokerowned $10 freerolls. i try to register for this tourney almost everyday. i have all my account details for cake filled out as well. but when i try to join these $10 freerolls it comes up right when i click register (doesn't even let me type the password in) it says

    tournament registration failed exception -
    cannot complete tournament registration for

    it says this everytime. ive emailed support but they haven't gotten back to me on this. what makes this confusing is that ive was able to register for one of these $10 tourneys like a week ago. 2 weeks ago it wasn't allowing me to and now its not allowing me to.

    anybody have this happen to them or know what the problem is?:?

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    I got this today prob because you messed up the password didn't get it in quick enough it happens.

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    See the other thread on this subject ... sent 1 minute apart from this one. Cake 1.153 is what I ended up doing.

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    i had to keep uninstalling cake and reinstalling it until i finally could registar for them. cake 2.0 is what i ended up with. it seems to work fine for me now.
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    Have a look in another thread in the forum, maybe this helps you

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