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Thread: surveys

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    clicked on 20 so far and nothing on the pages to even click to do a survey

    example - Zero Payout

    Nothing there to click

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    Which sections are you trying? I've had the most overall luck with getgambit, but thats probably only because I've tried more of them than any other. Have you tried either of the new BLVD's?

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    BLVD is supposed to be really good. Still waiting for feedback from the users
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    blvd was ok for me on a few smALL ONES, but when i d a mega blvd one, I NEVER got the points,, and i even confirmed my eamil,, on completing survey,, still no points,, then i did 2 smaller ones again, lke before,, and never got those points either,Ive stopped doin any now,, w aiting on Zab,, who said he,d check into all of it on monday,, before i do any more tho.

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    check out the post I made on the survey reviews, all those surveys I listed are pretty easy.

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