Hey guys, just want to go on the list and say I totally disagree with wow classic gold changing vanilla. But, a stance is evaporating, he is currently arguing what could occur. I'm not sure what this did not get through. He considers the wow token could happen because Activision sucks and the purpose about changes are what he believes will make vanilla reachable. I truly don't need one of these things to happen..it's important in life never to exist in an echo chamber of similar thought. I think Tea Thyme made plenty of points. Lets face it, developers do not decide what eventually enters the game....they just execute the"app" made by the decision makers of the business. Just how many"first" devs or blizzard execs are left in the company? There'll be changes, there are already changes intended

Absolutely LOVED this vid, reminds me of those conversations I have with my intimate friends about WoW. I found myself agreeing with a few things and disagreeing with its great and other people to see another view. I am more of a #nochanges individual however exactly what I wish to view in the long term is merely community run servers in which people can legally produce their own articles (as long as your sub is active ) for other people to enjoy ( probably won't ever happen tho).

Just found your station and enjoying it. Still another undead rogue comes up to us in /state inquires,"Hey, how do you get two daggers?" Come to learn this man had leveled all the way to 55 without ever going to the rogue coach. Ever. So this guy had made it to level 55 using one dagger, auto strikes, rank 1 eviscerate, position 1 black attack, and cannibalize. No double wield. We got him sorted out buy classic wow gold , but man, what dedication. That's the sort of game vanilla was.