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    "Not f**king finishing ninth again!" ...... :)

    Mark Newhouse making back to back WSOP final table.... guess what place he got ...AGAIN!?..... O.o

    November 13, 2014 | Weekly Flop: Newhouse Ninth Again, Lederer at HOF Ceremony, Elias' WPT Record| Rakeback News

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    I watched every episod e this year and mark definately lost his flow with the break. The whole final table played pretty tight early i thought and it seemed every time mark tried to get his looser aggressive style going he'd run into something and have to give up hand early. I really felt bad for him when he bluffed off his stack, but it was a good attempt and guy just made a good call. Of course there is nothing to be ashamed of finishing 9th in the main event, unbelievably impressive to do it 2 years straight, hopefully he can get over being first out again at ft and see what an accomplishment it was.

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    he probably owes out every bit of the $700k and then some

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    Oh, god, but i think that it is better luck next time!:

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    i think the money will help him get over it =D

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    There ain't no getting over this sort of thing. He'll be wondering 'what if?' for the rest of his life.

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    you mean someone got what they deserved for being aggressive with BS? WOW you can tell this wasnt online LMFAO cause he would sure as hell won it then LOL

    All in all tho that is a very impressive feat 70 times his money. but he should know better and have a little more patience at the final table. ya dont try and bully or be loose aggro at a full table, not a final table of wsop LMFAO so yes he will always be thinking: what a dumbass i was for trying to run over a full table LOL when another spot in payouts was prolly real close or over the million mark LOL
    I know donk doyle says different but all ive ever read says if the table is tight, play tighter then everyone else.. IS there really a reason at a full final table to start betting out trash? You cant win it with 9 left so why try? why not wait for a shorter table to go aggro on? Did he do same thing last year?

    With that said tho im still very impressed with back to back 9ths

    what did 8th pay or hell what was the whole final table payouts?
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    hahah 9the sow i getting the last monds more ate the 9the place broke end dead
    but still lagghing my face out maybe 9the issint so badd

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    This guy had to much inpatience to get any farther
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