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    Chanracy Khun Wins 2013 World Poker Tour Barcelona for $258,488

    The Season XI World Poker Tour Barcelona, which attracted 249 players to the Gran Casino in Barcelona, Spain, concluded on Wednesday as the final six players returned to battle it out for the $258,448 top prize. Chanracy Khun began the final table as chip leader, and after seven levels of play, he single-handedly eliminated all of his opponents to emerge victorious.

    2013 WPT Barcelona Final Table Results
    Place Player Prize
    1st Chanracy Khun $258,448
    2nd Benjamin Pollak $162,822
    3rd Antonio Alfaia $107,256
    4th Tahiri Hassani Najib $80,119
    5th Bruno Garcia Cotelo $59,443
    6th Sergio Fernandez $47,813

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    hmmm sounds like something i dont care about lol jk man just need points

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    weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee go chancey who eveer you are.

    This is getting old. Were sick and tired of the Spurs owning us. This is the year we ride up to the challenge, Get the monkey off our back! We Believe GO Dubbssss!!

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    damn thatd be a nice payday id set aside like 3 or 4 wsop main event buyins just to give it a shot

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    was he a pokerowned player or something like that????

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    Hes been around a couple of years was nice win and grats to him

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    Please don't be an ass and put the winner in the title of the thread. Save that for the body of the post. Some people DVR the broadcasts because we don't have 80% of the day free to watch the broadcasts when they come on.
    I'm not slurring my words. I'm talking in cursive. I believe the ladies find it to be quite elegant.

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    Well that's interesting and I ain't getting a red cent from that madness
    Ahndrri F.

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    Wow big money what happenned to the millions? Poker is getting crushed. Who ius to blame for all of this and how can we get real Operators?

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