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    Yes, Im still here.

    I see everything that is said, I see all the comments, and yes I have been playing. I havent replied because there is nothing to say I owe people and I need to pay them back and never request another stake or anything here, not like i would get another anyway lol.

    No matter how people feel though I will pay the few people back and continue to play poker here etc. You guys cant stop that, if I owe you please send me a pm saying the exact amount I owe, poke, i already know what i owe you, im half way there.

    I will not reply to this thread or any comments, just a public announcement because i see people in chat and on table chats during games.

    ooooo and pop3ye, you want to come find me over someone else beef, do so. I be in chicago heights, 15th and portland

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    lol nice neighborhood bra

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