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    Winning on Carbon Poker? Would you like a quick cashout option through Pokerowned??

    There are a lot of players here on the site who regularly 'get on a roll' and make a decent profit. Quite often I will see those same players back playing bumblebees or freerolling within 1-2 days. I am sure that some players...myself included... would love to cashout a small amount of winnings if there was an effective way of doing it quickly, unlike the available Carbon options which, for most lower Tier players, allow 1 cheque per month for a $15 fee with a 5-7 week wait after applying.

    If the Forum offered a method to cashout small amounts, paid out in the form of Amazon cards...E-Bay cards or ,of course, points, would you be interested?

    I would like to hear opinions and suggestions about this, especially if people know a LEGAL way to improve my options to a prepaid debit card or the like. If there is enough interest, you never know what might be arranged!!

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    The best and safest way Mrdig to trade now in my opinion is to find someone who will buy your carbon using a greendot money pack.

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    In my opinion it would be nice to have an option for small amounts on PokerOwned, but we already have so many honest members willing to trade that we probably don't need it.


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