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    trading juicy funds for pts, 460pts/dollar, to 430pts/dollar for larger trades

    i am trading up to 100 juicy right now, or more.
    my rates are 2300 pts for 5 juicy
    4600 pts for 10 juicy
    11250 pts for 25 juicy
    22000 pts for 50 juicy
    43000 pts for 100 juicy

    lmk if interested

    **************AT THE MOMENT I AM ALL OUT, NOT TRADING ANYMORE*************
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    i am, you putting it in market?

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    still have at least 100 at these rates, i'll be on tonight after dinner, post here if interested, or send me pm, or look for me in chat in bout an hr.

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    so what is the deal with this can you message me and let me know how i can trade this and that?

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