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Thread: stake for lilg

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    stake for lilg

    ok G heres the deal. 23.10 to grind 3.85 9 man turbo sngs. youll be allowed to move up once youve reached the 55$ point. then you can grind the 5$ 10 mans. move back down if BR reaches 35$ then obv move back up if BR reaches 55$ again.

    you will be allowed to move up again if BR reaches 98$ then you can play the 7.55 9 man turbos with some 5$ added in also. the 5$ 10 mans reg the fastest so youll be playing those alot.

    added MTT bonuses will include: 2-3$ mtt if br reaches 45$ 5.50 MTT if BR reaches 75$ 11$ MTT if BR reaches 120$ you choose which MTT you will participate when you reach the desired BR goal.

    this will be a 2 day grind. requirements from you are to post a rail. rail to include all bust hands of every tourney so we can keep track of you. 60/40 split+stakeback. if stake ends down i will require makeup from you if staked in future.

    also if asked to pop up a join me please do so

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