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    Wink Selling PO points for Swc Chips or BTC, Name your price for the trade....

    i can get a huge amount of points if needed ... let me know if you want to trade points for Swc chips or BTC and i can send you my wallet address.... name your offer and we can discuss until we both agree on a sell.

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    how much iz HUGE? juz curious...I don't play swc
    Like a puzzle with no edgez. 18:12 <PooffyFooffy> I miss Zab .!. 23:49 <RaiseWinPotFold> i miss invertedafro .!.

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    Screenshot by Lightshot

    SWC/PayPal reversal scammer.
    Always Buying/Selling Points/PayPal/BCP/ACR/GDMP/Amazon/SWC/Bitcoin/etc. Bubble or PM me!
    Interested in how to make some additional Points or Poker $? Contact me!

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