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    Selling Juicy funds, 1$ for 90c exchange rate.

    OK forms of payment I will do this deal for is Netspend or Green dot. If you want to pay with points it is 500 per 1$. I have a lot of juicy so let me know. No lock at this time but will try to work on that soon. If you do not see me on here I am on juicy teaching wife under MindGames420 or under BongHead as myself. If you get more then 100$ ill do it 1$ per 85c over 200$ ill do for 1$ per 80c no deal for paying with points. No paypal unless I know you.

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    sounds good. interested... I will see what funds I can come up with and get back to you. P.S. - good for you including your wife in your hobby - good luck and best wishes!

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