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    Positive feedback

    Since I can't leave feedback for this, I'm making this thread. I just had a poker site to poker site trade (no PO points involved) with W3llKn0wn. I never had a concern and even sent 1st. It transpired without issue. I would trade again with him without hesitation if I needed to again in the future.

    Thanks again W3ll
    22:52 <onehotdame> pull my finger
    02:51 <onehotdame> ill miss u when u go
    14:53 <onehotdame> gotta callthePOD people
    12/17/2014 16:29 <onehotdame> your a bit of an ass when yo high

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    Yup I traded with W3ll as W3ll. You see what I did there ???? ??? ?? ? Haha jkjk. Yeah W3ll is a cool guy. LockProBam tearing Lock up. I am drinking if you can't tell. I get silly when I do. I will digress. CHEERS

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    Ha appreciate it guys thanks!

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