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    Thumbs up Poker chip set Royal Kings Bud Jones type casino chips

    420 Casino chips set

    I got these chips I want to sell, their coin inlay centered Royal Kings Club (Las Vegas) Casino Chips set. It's a set of 420 chips in ($1, $5, $25, $100) These are like the Bud Jones style type chip. I got them a few years ago and are still very nice and in great condition. They are perfect for your home games if your interested in hosting a few games.

    The chips are two toned colored chips
    $1/Light Blue and Purple- 138
    $5/Red and Yellow- 100
    $25/Green and Orange- 92
    $100/Black and White- 90

    The coin inlayed center makes the chips have a unique sound to them as you shuffle them around and bet etc...I no longer have use for them so PM me if interested. Don't post in here just send me PMs with legit/Real offers, I'm thinking around $300-$400. I see they were last sold on ebay for over $600+, but he had more chips than me. Here's the link below.
    596 BUD JONES Type Original Casino Chips VERY RARE! | eBay

    ***Serious offers only, I will take Carbon, Paypal (Verified Only), Western Union/Moneygram.

    ***Shipping I'm not sure about pricing at the moment, will have to look into it when sold.

    ***I don't have pictures, If you want me to I can try to find a way to get them on here. The set is 420 due to me losing some along the way. Take care, Enjoy.
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    bumpity bump! PM me offers! Great casino chips!

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    they sound nice

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