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    OK, Who's looking for a stake.

    OK all here's what I want to do. I will stake any and all persons looking for a stake if you are better than 30% ITM on the stake board at time of asking for a stake from me. Here are the rules

    1. You must be 30% or better ITM on the stake board
    2. You must have no negative feedback or have a very good reason for the negative feedback
    3. You must be able to pay back the stake on Carbon Poker via Transfer Only (I will not accept $ via table dump to me). As carbon only allows for minimum $1 transfers, this is the minimum transfer that your will send. If my portion of the winnings is .50, you must send $1.I can pay the what I owe you in points at a rate of 580 per dollar or I will owe you .50 on your next stake win and so on and so on. Just cuz you lose one stake for me does not mean I will not stake you again.
    4. The only other way I will accept payment for money owed to me will be by points at a rate of 600 point per $1 owed me. So if you owed me $1.50, I'd accept 900 pts instead of the cash.
    5. All persons applying for a stake must first reply to this thread. Let me know which tourney?, what time it starts? and how you will be paying for earnings? Via Carbon, or PO Points.
    6. If you do not meet all the criteria above. DO NOT APPLY FOR A STAKE.
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