As a last note, ESO offers attributes we've been begging for in OSRS gold for decades - specifically multiple alt personalities under precisely the exact same username and a more contemporary housing system where you purchase a house which starts off empty and unfurnished and you are able to fill it with any furniture you please. What's more you're given total control over the orientation and position of the furniture that you put so you're free to put anything anywhere rather than being trapped on designated hotspots. I could ramble on and compare runescapes more (and there are a few places where runescape wins out, but monetization certainly isn't among these ) but I believe I have made my point. If anyone needs me to clarify anything let me know.

They declared at blizzcon they are doing a level squish from 120 to 50. If you're new and create a new personality when shadowlands launches you may level to ten at a new zone similar to tutorial island that will teach you runescape. Then degree. So you are perhaps looking at 10-20 hours to 50 to level to jump into shadowlands. For people who have already leveled through runescape they can select any zone they need and degree to 50 there without even departing and can take pleasure in the narrative. If you're not familiar with runescape, let me stress how enormous this change is. Not to mention that the major strike against the 120 increase (which is 60 dollars) It would take you about 100+ hours to degree to maximum particularly if it's your very first time. The whole community is very happy with this change.

WoW has megatons of content and full scale raids and dungeons falling each patch (every few months), offers a world 100x bigger than RS, functions on a greater engine (no tick speed clunky bullshit or jagged movement), and is much superior and hugely varied in battle (12 different courses and 36 different specializations). The interfaces and systems are better. There are hardly any content and bugs is usually super polished, since stains go on PTR (Public Test Realm) for runescape player testing before they make it to launch a month or two later.

There is plenty of reasons to whine about jagex and anything but nearly none of the reasons you listed are good. Most matches DONT RVEN HAVE PvM like RuneScape has to buy RuneScape Mobile gold. Saying different matches have better pvm when Runescape could be the only game that conducts pve content how it really does is silly.The lore and storylines are actually really good in RuneScape, I'd really say it's on the maximum grade for mmo lore and story. Some games such as WoW have more and deeper more complex lore but that is comparing it with the literal best.