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    Micro stakes package tonight on carbon.

    Hey everybody my name is dan and i have been PO for over a month know. I have played in a few of the freerolls and have won a few dollars so far. I am a college student who just recently finished his associates in BA. I would like to sell a package for 3micro stakes tournies tonight. I feel like this could be a great opportunity to make some friends here and build peoples trust as i am ultimately looking for a long term backer. I would be plahing the $300 gauranteed tonight that is a $1 bi. Also I would be playing in the $350 gauranteed which is a $1 rebuy so I would need $3 for that. Also I could a dd in the 3k $1frenzy tonight which would require 1 rebuy 1 addon, and and 1rebuy 1addon in reserve in case I need them. In total this would be a $10 package, no markup. I honeztly just want to play and build a working relationship with some of you in the forum. $10 equalls 5100 points, so I will offer 10 shates at 510 points a share. As far as getting winnings back to investors I would use a reputable person here in the forums to ship the money to so that he could repurchase points to repay investors. Thank you all in advance for looking, and I think that this could be fun and beneficial for all parties involved.
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