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    looking for 3k- 3.5 in pts, will trade 8 paypal , or agc

    As title says, i want to trade for 3K - 3.5K in pts (i want pts). I can send $8 paypal or i can send an amazon gift card for $8 directly from amazon site to your email (you will get the code directly from amazon, i won't even see it, so no risk for you). I am not sure if amazon has a min purchase but doesnt seem to. I am looking for 3K for 8 paypal, i am asking for less cause 8 is all i have, i would send as gift, but you will have to cover fee, think it is little over a dollar, usually get 4K for 8 so asking for 1K less to cover the fee. Amazon doesnt charge fee, so looking for 3.5K for the 8 amazon. I'll be in chat or respond here if interested, Thank You.

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    i will do 800 for 1 british pound if any 1 is intrested

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    I'll be in chat or respond here if interested .

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