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    Kaj be scamming?

    Sent Kaj $20 PayPal over 3hrs ago for acr... He told me he was buying it for his buddy and he was waiting on funds to hit account then he would send over.. Just about 30 min ago I contacted support and they gave me his p2p history for past 6hrs and no transactions were made and nothing is pending.... Just send me my PayPal back dude or give me the acr? Don't know why u doin this over $20

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    Im sure he will pop up eventually with some lame excuse. Stop trading with these 2 bit hustlers

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    I guarantee kaj is not scamming you over $20. Him and I have done many trades and loans over this amount. Something may have not went through or he did not get the money from his friend yet.


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    No idea what happened here but from my past experience Kaj has handled hundreds when i sent 1st and there was no issue. Im guessing/hoping this is just a misunderstanding.

    Also cant help but laugh at the irony of the guy who along with other scams used to scam the bounty system every tourney is now calling out scammers like he has the moral highground.

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