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    Friendly Reminder Folks... Before you become cookie crisped

    OK yall know the drill. All of yall are a lil late. Please get this done b4 I have to put you on my wall of shame. TYVM

    @jerseytime 2400 back in 5 days. 100 penalty for everyday late after 4/14 SendCookies [Show/Hide] 100% 2400 (has been in good communication with me so, it is ok but get it done the vig is climbing)

    MathewGeorge 1300 pts loan due 4/19 10 pts for everyday late. SendCookies [Show/Hide] 100% 1300
    ( WTF? no write? no nothing? Just plain rude)

    jcolee2 1k loan payback due 4/22 SendCookies [Show/Hide] 100% 1000
    ( At least you use to PM me b4 about being late and such )

    benjigabby YOU got $10 lock by mistake on the 3/30 7:25 PST SendCookies [Show/Hide] 100% 4050
    ( you agree'd to pay this debt weeks ago and I see you playing everyday in the freerolls. WTF? )

    Please take care of these ASAP or PM or comment in this thread as these amounts are really small to be thown into bad credit on this site.

    For all you reading this, If these ppl owe you as well, please post here so, we can keep PO'd a safe and happy trading forum for all. TY

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    Don't make him bring out the muscle.....Cookies Soprano

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