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    FeeedTheFisssh's Staking Frenzy!

    I've tried this out with a couple of yah donkeys and its worked out well so far. So i'm gonna give some more people a chance to try it out.

    Basically what i'll be doing is backing you in a Last Longer Bet on Carbon. You can choose what size you want to play, E.G. 1v1, 6 Max, or Unlimited.

    We will be splitting all profits from the llbs 50/50 and you can keep any money won for yourself obviously.

    Conditions are that if you are in default, no stake. If you have a terrible credit history on here, no stake. Also YOU BUY YOURSELF INTO THE TOURNEY. DO NOT USE THE POINTS I SENT YOU TO BUY A COUPON.

    I will keep this thread updated with results on how everyone is doing. Show good results and higher stakes will come!

    Apply here for a stake and i will get back with you as soon as i can.

    List Of Stakes :
    PoofyFoofy 2k Pts.
    StephyMarieC 2k Pts.
    highstakes 1k Pts.
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    That is a very nice offer. Good luck with that Feed.

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    yummy, great idea.

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    That is a very nice

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    Hey I am willing to give this a try I have won a few llb Im going to play the game at 10 eastern if u want to do it for this one I already put up some llb but I will do one with u aswell and we can split it how much can I do it for get back to me thanks

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    May get down with you on this sometime.

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    Vnice gesture dude gl with your horses lmk you taking anymore tomorrow when ig et back tx

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