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Thread: Dropping 500

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    Dropping 500

    I have been A long time user of PO I love PO would love some live apperal so I can wear to live torneys

    Any who letting everyone know

    I will be dropping 150 BTC 150 PTS 100 ACR and 100 PP so total of 500 dollars

    for loan purposes

    will def do loans in SHARK

    Market place loans will be at my say so depending on user and a fee will be built in before loan given

    I am doing this i am having a hard time shuffling funds around so trying to do something for the site as well as myself

    the funds should be in there in about 2 weeks just got off of that AC trip so little tight for the moment

    let me know what you guys think I just want to have funds like that spread around help peps and myself shuffle our monies around and of course make a small fee

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    CEO - Truth Commission rivdee's Avatar
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    Do marketplace loans at your own discretion; if someone you give money to there doesn't pay you back, there's zero I can do to help.
    That's why we have a loan shark.

    And honestly when you mention you are taking a fee twice in your post, it doesn't come off as a helpful and altruistic act for the community.

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    Rivdee thank you for your concern I am not being a smart ass
    been a user for near 5 years I understand market the only people that will get that privilage will be longtime peps that I know
    and there are maybe 7 at the most

    well I am sitting here with pp money I have been for like 2 days so I am offering a service as well with my monies so a small fee on certain things to help peps move there funds for that service right now I would pay a fee to move monies around

    and it is at the traders or person accepting a loans choice if they want to take the transaction

    I understand you are looking out for me in market I am trying something

    we need someone on this site that will be consistant I am not saying my busto way wont come out and I blow it all lol that wont happen

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