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    Dalsue's Physical Marketplace Thread

    I will post physical items that I have for sale here.

    I will update this thread periodically, so please keep looking back to see if I have anything else for sale you would be interested in.

    I will accept various forms of payment on certain items such as certain poker site's money, BTC, PO Points, PayPal, Amazon, etc.

    Most of the prices on the items can be haggled, but don't expect to get them for free.

    Shipping only to members in the US. (Excluding Alaska/Hawaii) 90% of the time, shipping is included with the cost.

    PM me if you are interested on any one item. You may also buy from me directly on eBay.


    AZO Natural Yeast Prevention - 60 CT Tablets - Homeopathic Lactose Free 3250 PO Points / $6.50 (8 boxes available)

    New SEALED Nicorette Mini Lozenges 81 ct. 2mg Mint Flavored Exp. 04/15 12500 PO Points / $25.00 (1 box available)

    New SEALED Nicorette Lozenges 72 ct. 4mg Cherry Flavored Exp. 07/15 10500 PO Points / $21.00

    New SEALED KY Ultragel Personal Lubricant 1.5oz Exp. 10/2015 3000 PO Points / $5.99 (2 boxes available)

    1936 Mercury Dime XF (SCANNED IMAGE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST) 1750 PO Points / $3.50

    1939 Mercury Dime F (SCANNED IMAGE AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST) 1625 PO Points / $3.25
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