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    CHIPMONSTER. Huge Scammer please ban this pathetic p o s

    he scammed me for 330 PayPal over a year ago. I posted right after it happened. His PO name was 713chipmonster. He went offline after he scammed me for several months. Then came back as rayraysomething. A few people told me this and when I confronted him he dropped offline and came back as several other users? How is that ok? Now this scammer is back under chipmonster. Please ban this piece of crap of a human being. Scammers are the scum of the earth Albert will go to hell for this.
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    Burn in hell

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    He's gonna be ensconced in the charred walls of the damned while the rest of us eat lamb with God at his table in Heaven.

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    be a man Albert
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    Can you pm me or post a screenshot of your history sending the $330?

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    Any news beyond that which was forwarded to the FBI?
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    Over a year ago and we hear about it now.. Idk what to say roy, maybe screen shots or if you posted the thread last year it would have been better.. Hope everything work out between you all, whatever happened.
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