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    Exclamation Backer Wanted: $15 BCP Weekend SNG grind

    Looking to run Some BCP this weekend looking for $15 to play:

    Sit N Go

    x3 $3.30
    x3 $1.50

    The tourney fees vary by a little bit between turbos and regular.
    $3 games the turbo fee is .25 and regular is .30
    $1.50 games the turbo fee is .12 and regular is .15
    Either way $15 will be enough to cover all buy-ins and fees.

    May play regular and turbos but will not be playing hyper turbos.
    Will only be playing 9man sngs no 6 or 3 max.
    Will not be playing DONs unless staker specifically requests it.

    The stake is over when all 6 sngs have been played unless the staker and I BOTH agree to continue it.
    The initial 6 games are to be completed by the evening hours of Sun 2/9 or the early hours (1-2am ect) Mon 2/10

    I propose a fee of 45% of all the total profits so on Sunday night or Monday morning however it ends up if we are in the black I will send the staker back the original stake back plus 55% of the profit. A ten dollar profit would mean the staker gets back $5.50 PLUS the $15 dollar stake and I would earn $4.50 and so on. I understand this is 45/55+sb i am just explaining it for anyone that may not fully understand. If we are even one cent in the red at the end of all 6 games, the staker will be sent back the remainder of the original BR.

    I will keep a thoroughly detailed rail report in this thread which includes but is not limited to:
    Interesting hands
    Bust hands
    Thought process of important hands
    Running bankroll
    Anything else within reason at stakers request

    I am also willing to play on joinme so the staker can watch. DISCLAIMER I welcome and encourage advice on how to play hands but I will NOT take ORDERS on how to play hands.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this and GOOD LUCK TO US!

    ps: Input is welcome but for the love of God plz dont troll this.

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    good luck to you man keep us posted whoop whoop

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    bump for chat

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    im def looking for a stake as well.. i am free all weekend so someone hook it up so we can make some money

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    gl nab and pikeboy cmon dude you been here longer enough to not hijack somebody thread like that..smh..

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